17 May 2007

Najava koncerta || WoO 19. maj @ Muzej Savremene umetnosti [Bg] ||

Muzej savremene umetnosti [u okviru Noci Muzeja]
19. maj, 7pm

[Ušće 10 Blok 15, Novi Beograd]

na njegovom myspace-u mozete cuti pesme, a nedavno ej u Kontekst Galeriji u Beogradu bila i promocija albuma Mobi Rock koji je izasao za RX:TX

"WoO is an improv guitar player from Belgrade, once a member of the anonymous noise-rock band Off. On his debut album, after several CD-R EPs on his own Herbarium Records, WoO is using only 2 electric guitars, several effect pedals and some everyday devices. Mobile phones, remote controllers, radio, television, magnets and even guitar itself can transmit certain signals that the human ear usually doesn't hear. This is also the main material for WoO to build his tracks from, capturing and creating signal by using a number of “small instruments”, or better say devices: remote controllers, a bow, computer mouse, mobile telephones or radio receivers. The results are intriguing, always expanding to show an ultimately open sensibility - "Just amplify the air, and you've got it." After WoO submitted Mobi Rock demo to Belgrade's Dis-patch Festival (a unique event on the Serbian music scene bringing the world's most interesting electronica artists to the local audience and more), he has played a memorable concert at the festival in 2005 alongside Niobe, Hypo and Tunng, after which the connection to the rx:tx label was established. Further festival appearances in Slovenia followed. The live set is a an on-going collaboration with the acclaimed video artist Remarkable Bob (aka Bob Miloshevic) who is, in a similar spirit, using analogue no-input video/TV feedback as source material. The duo is ready to hit the European festival circuit! " - from Mobi Rock press release

sajt Belgrade Noise Society-ja

WoO u Studenjaku

c u.


Anonymous said...

ej, lepo sto si najavljivala...super je bilo.:)

autobahn604 said...

i meni ;]
skroz mi se svidja WoOov mjuz :]

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